No new cosmetics today?

The timer was removed but I think it would have run through by now so it isn’t looking like any new cosmetics this week. Damn it lol. Was looking forward to new Guard stuff hopefully. Unless I am wrong on the reset time which is definitely possible FS can’t even get cash shop stuff out on time lol.


It was 9 days so if they are going to update it would probably be after 8pm BST but they may have decided to just hang fire with that.

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Ahh I think 8pm BST has passed but isn’t the UK on GMT atm? If so in like 15 mins we might be in luck. I really hope they didn’t put new stuff on the back burner.

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You are correct, we are on GMT at the moment. So yes like 1 minute to see if it updates.

No update. Damn lol.

Yep, nothing here either. Damn, now I am wondering what they were planning to put there in the first place, before they scrapped the FOMO timer. :smile:

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Doh, I was looking forward to new cosmetics. I honestly think it’s really bad that they remove it without informing us beforehand.

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I made a post about it (with a question in it) but other that it got relocated to General Discussion it was not of much use.

For now I hold my breath, that the timers are really gone, but I hope for the best.
Still strange indeed, that they were there in the first place, wanted to see if there are even better skins in the pipeline =)
(Even if I hold back with spending money until core game features (e.g. crafting) are in the game and working)