No blood on the Two Handed Dwarf Weapons

I am not sure but some blood stay on every other melee weapons.
I need to see blood on my 2h Warhammer or Great Axe.
Please !!! :smiley:

Up. Anybody saw the same thing ?

I see blood on my 2h hammer all the time.

BY GRIMNIR !!! Do I hit too softly ??? :smiley:

To be more serious. Even on 2h hammers with “illusion” ?

Thanks for your answer.

Still no blood on my 2H weapons (I tested it on other characters and this is the same).
Can I do something to fix this ?


Maybe a settings thing? Blood decals or particle quality? Gore settings?

Got blood on my 1H weapons every time. Thought it was on some illusion but it is missing on the 2H standard models …

Only one on earth to have this problem ??? It sucks …