Need more Hi-int, Hi-int shock troop on Damnation

So this entire weekend when I have been wanting to play there has been 0 hi int conditions on damnation.
This is booring and is actually making me quit the game. Maybe I’ll play one in the hopes of getting hi int next but when it hasn’t been one I find myself just disconnecting.

As I am not the only one complaining about this, this can’t be good for player retention.


Welcome to the “watching fatshark kill their own game” show. Since may 25th (the last day a high int shock troop was on the board) ive played 2 games. Both were high int damnation duos and even those games were hard to find with the 2 locked in normal maps. Just sit back and enjoy watching fatshark kill their own game. Only thing left to do when it comes to darktide these days.


Personally, I find that a rework of the Mission Board a more pressing issue than Crafting. They REALLY should make it a priority before it’s too late, because at the very least would keep the remaining players engaged a while longer in the game.

Although, maybe it’s something that can be fixed with Mods? Solo mode mod has a feature that you can choose any mission with any condition available. So, who knows?

I played the new maps when they released once each and havent played since. I cannot be bothered to play if the mode i want isnt available. Imagine if you wanted to play team deamatch in some other video game, but all they had available that week was free for all. That’s how it feels to me. Never in my life have i played a game where i needed to use a third party tool (gameslantern) just to see if i should log in and play or not. This is why they’re master gatekeepers, everything the player wants is gatekept by Fatshark. You cant even get the blessings you want until the master blesses you with a winning lottery ticket

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