My take on brain burst improvement

increase max damage to make it possible to oneshot most enemies on t5, with some exceptions. and increase full charge time. but let us pop the head at any time of a charge and deal damage in relation to a charge time.

we should also see enemy hp in proportion to charge time/damage, to see when we charged enough damage to make a kill.
somthing like this:

or make us able to charge damage until 100% peril, removing damage cap. and repurpose charge bars for hp bars.

i also want to throw additional suggestion:

make us able to quell some of peril after each brain burst with mechanic similar to reload/overheat in modern battlefront games.
it could look like this:

if you time it right and hit the spot, you will quell some peril. if you miss, you will gain some.
or you can ignore it to avoid the risk.
the longer you charge bb, the more time you will have to react after.

i think it’s kinda fits psyker theme, that “always on the edge” and “high risk - high reward”.