My personal feedback from beta to now with four different friends

I started in beta. Bugs af but ok, its beta. I loved it told everyone and hoped much.
Yeah like everyone here tells you. And I know that you propably hear it everyday.
I never write that much into the forums. kinda quiet looking around and liking.
But I think i posted once or two times and I feel like I have to say a last word before leaving.
Thank you for the game it really awesome though! But I want to tell u my story.
Hopfully u can appreciate a bit more awareness for your players next time after reading this.
So my story goes: we started out as a group of 5 people.

How the first one leaves:
One was nearly instandly annoyed out of the game by bugs. (one week gameplay)

How the second one leaves:
Like a few weeks after that another two of us left.
The first one was annoyed cause of not progressing fast enoughand hanging on to champion for to long.
Doin it easy and failing hard in legend. (I know what he was doin right and what not but anyway)
Never returned. (1 month gameplay)

How the third one leaves:
The second one stoped cause he didn´t had the feeling he could achive any cosmetics which is for him one of the most loved descriptions to the game, actually missing ingame (his total perspective).
He kinda ragequited the game after buying collectors edition and gettin ig illusions looking just like the normal weapon. (1 month gameplay)

So me and my last friend played hours upon hours, every day like one to two matches.
Losing interesst and than after a week starting again and repeating the process.

So later on we decided to don´t play the game anymore till some content releases and:
BAM! Quests Achivements more cosmetics etc. released

  1. two friends returned (the one quited cause of bugs and the one who missed the cosmetics hoping for them) Yeah!
  2. How the third one leaves (2): one friend leaves disappointed of bugfixes, lack of content, for him silly quests and his beloved cosmetics. Never returned.
  3. How the fourth one leaves: One fiend (the one who allways stands by my side on this game) leaves till DLC is released.

So now I´m playing with my friend who quit first. And he really loves the game like I do.
And now we are stuck in the same sentence i wrote befor:
“So me and my last friend played hours upon hours, every day like one to two matches.
Losing interesst and than after a week starting again and repeating the process.”

Give my friend like 2 to 3 weeks and he is leaving the game as well.
And I will no longer have anyone to play with except online people.
Where I don´t have the relation to and don´t want to build it up that much.
And I like to play with friends I now like nearly only. So I don´t really ever play alone.

Given that the DLC could release maybe after summer or so. The last one and the fourth one will return.
Processes i mentioned before will be reset and that´s fine for a while.

My future perspective: give us 3 maps and we will be playin for like 2-3weeks after they are leavin again
You can´t just say 3 maps for 2-3weeks of players sticking to the game. That´s insane. But u can say that it needs 2-3weeks till u can´t see the 3 maps anymore. And they will still have the feeling of a grind and therefor not want to play the old maps, loosing the quickplaybonus, hanging on max hp without red and not achiving anything propably. So what u have is very little to go with but 3 maps or so.

I really don´t see any point in releasing content without a higher goal presented to the players.
I don´t need to search for goals in my life. I will get my knowledge and develop goals and interest by myself. But I kinda aware of most people being the opposite of being competitivly searchin for higher goals like me. So they want to see like big goals and many many goals on the way to the top goal (which the might never get even if they try hard). So that it can beat the grind (at least and that is the important thing don´t let it feel the player a grindy game)

So I - with my limited view :smiley: - see the following solutions for this game:

  • Goals upon goals with new content. (-> long lifetime)
  • Content upon content (->short lifetime)
  • Goals without much content (-> look into my story it didn´t last long that quest came up)

I really hope this one gets reed by someone here.
And sorry for my bad english. I did my best.
Thank you for reading! Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Talking about goals:

I´m also not a big friend of quickplay bonus.
It destroyed much of the game for me.
I liked to play the game in the order of the levels. like playin a story.
So u have like 4 goals in this game u could repeat nicely for urself:
beat 3 acts and the bossmap.
Yeah… played that way once with my friends and never again, cause we now know the levels and lose the quickplay on the way… Destroyed 4 BIG Goals for me. A “u again smashed all the nice levels”-bonus / “finished the act”-bonus would be nice. (independend of class!) ( u beat every map and dont get anything cause as a normal player u will switch the subclass once or twice, maybe im missing out an achivement or so but that was how it feeld for us 5)

EDIT: Don´t understand me wrong quickplay is a gooooooood feature to the game

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