Multiple server errors

Description of problem:

Server errors occur very frequently whether joining or hosting games during the loading phase. If the game is successfully started there are no issues.

Steps to Reproduce: Play the game.

Occurrence rate: 75%+

Error report:

None, game does not crash, just returns to keep.

Hey @swpz, are you still experiencing the Backend Rejected the Challenge Response errors, or are you simply seeing Server Error?

Simply seeing server errors a lot nowadays.

They are ridiculously frequent, returning to lobby after a game ends can lead to one. Simply standing in keep for more than 5 minutes can lead to one. Pressing F10 to cancel a game can lead to one, anything can lead to one.

Backend errors still happen at the end of the match now and then, either as host or client.

Would you mind popping a console log over to me, using the instructions below? Ideally we need to see a log that corresponds with a session where the errors have occurred. The dates within the log names should help you locate the correct one.

  1. Press the Windows key + R
  2. Enter %appdata% within the search input and select ‘OK’
  3. Navigate to AppData\Roaming\Fatshark\Vermintide 2\console_logs

Additionally, could you let me know what your connection’s download and upload speeds are, please?

Oh and, do you still have the ‘Small Network Packets’ option enabled or did you disable it after encountering excessive load times?

My connection speed is in the range of 50-75 mbps down, 20-30 mbps up. My network can be at max load and or at min load but this doesn’t change a thing.

Small packets is still enabled, without it I receive backend errors at the end of every match.

Here is the most recent console log. I have counted an excess of 10 errors today so I presume they should all be in this log.

console-2019-03-06-10.41.18-C90F408C-1449-42AB-A312-B837.log (4.7 MB)

Thank you, I can see the errors, but also some mod-related weirdness. Could you try disabling your mods for a run to see if there’s any improvement?

Certainly, I will update with an additional log without mods in the next day or so.

That would be super. Thank you!

Here is a new log with I think 3 server errors and a backend error today.

console-2019-03-07-18.56.35-C88F3852-2397-443B-B12D-66F6.log (1.5 MB)

Turning the mods off have seemingly decreased the server error rate - interesting as these are sanctioned mods, perhaps FS needs to contact the developers of these mods to fix them.

However, I haven’t played that many games in the log provided above, the weekend will allow for a longer session.

Are you able to run a map and see if the issues persist with any Firewall/Anti-Virus programs disabled? Be sure to re-enable it afterwards!

This would be rather risky as the errors are not guaranteed per map. I can load one fine and the next one can crash, leaving both disabled for a prolonged period of time seems… inadvisable.

But I’ll run a few games like that to see if it happens.

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