More sound issues + FPS problems

Beastmen sometimes don’t have climbing/running sounds and their hitting in the back wooshes are very short still.

Horn of Magnus is pretty laggy for the entire thing. Not sure what’s causing it.

Into The Nest, Ogre Pens gets extremely laggy. It turned my game slow motion.

I’ve passed the sound issue on, but would like to know when the FPS drops began?


Horn of Magnus, I couldn’t tell you when it started.

Into The Nest must have been a very recent update. This most recent one or last.

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I’ve had the sound bug / issue on once of the DLC maps on my Xbox One X. I had to play the entire match with my volume at like 1 percent on my A40s. I noticed it another time but it wasn’t nearly as loud. Need to start recording and posting via twitter.

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Me and my friend have both noticed very rare high FPS spikes when hitting/critting on a lot of enemies at once. A few of the times I’ve noticed this the enemies have been on fire, but not all. This is usually followed by a brief 4-5 seconds of sound sort of cutting out, but still giving off weird sounds for each hit.

I know this has happened with Sienna’s War Pick, but can’t remember other weapons.

Next time it happens I’ll be sure to remember as much as possible. It always happens at moments whne there’s lots of enemies and you cleave through a lot of them though.

Alright - I’ve passed this information on!

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