Mission checklist I made for Penance challenges...for everyone!

Enjoy folks!

Mission checklist google doc

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it’s clearer than my ugly notepad window permanently open on the second screen!

I hope one day we could just have this style of UI options :

you want to play it WOW style?

This would be nice. Preferably with the tracked tasks and penances only showing in the „tab window“ during missions, since they are no information that is relevant during combat.

Appreciated. However it would be much more streamlined and give a better overview, if you did not put both mission type and difficulty as column descriptor. You had to repeat the numbers 7 times each and have 3 fields for each combination of mission type and difficulty for each class, when you only need 1.

It would be preferable to keep the difficulties as descriptor for columns and use mission type as descriptor for 7 rows, which would reduce the overall size of the table by around 75% as well as making the contained information more digestible.
To make it even more compact, you can skip on tracking completions on diff 1 and 2 since mission completions count for any lower difficulty as well and you probably won’t play 1 and 2 for very long.

It works best this way for my smooth OCD ADHD brain, everyone is welcome to download and alter to their own content! :smiley: