Mission abort due to an unexpected error

Steam players and we were running a disruption mission on damnation high intensity at the end event and suddenly all party members were tranferred to the character selection screen with the message ‘‘Mission aborted due to an unexpected error’’.


And no i don’t think there is a way to reproduce something like this because it seems to be totally random but when it happens is fckin disastrous. After so many patch fixes and such, one would expect something like this would have been fixed by now. FCK!

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Hey, was it with me by any chance? Because something like this happened to me too 30 minutes ago.

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If you were in a disruption mission high int with a psyker named Pinkqueen and a zealot named Uriel, we were definitely together. It was 30 minutes ago indeed.

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Nope, 3 vets and Ogryn. And we were closing in on last location with 3 scriptures in tow…

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Sad to hear this. Well maybe at this exactly moment all disruption missions crushed. i don’t have a clue really with FS and their spaghetti code…

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Sorry to hear this. If you could please upload the corresponding console log, I can raise this with our Backend Engineers.

console-2023-07-17-14.31.18-1e642ae4-bc25-415f-b0d4-f1cd2a3ccd19.log (139.7 KB)

Here you go. I’ve tried to force crash

Horrible attempt at hAcK!N9

(crt+alt+del, after I got thrown to Character menu. Unfortunately I’ve clicked on my main character, so it proceeded to connect me to Morningstar - option for rejoining wasn’t there, at all)

in hope I would receive “rejoin strike team” option but it just wasn’t there.