Missing dlss

hello, I lost the tab dlss before it was.
My PC 2070 super, i7 12700KF, 32bg

Please could you share your most recent console logs, and darktide_launcher.log with us please? :slight_smile:

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darktide_launcher.log (192.0 KB)

Thank you, would you also be able to share your console logs with us please?

console-2023-04-28-07.24.38-3a1a4bb6-ec97-4b9b-bb17-a257d858652c.log (228.9 KB)

Are you using Windows 7?


won’t help me?

The logs appear to report Windows 7 as the OS. Do you have the latest updates for Windows 10 installed?

not really

Could you try updating to Windows version 22H2?

I updated but the dlss didn’t come back.

dlss is back thanks for fixing it!