Misplaced Fire Effect of Certain Beam Staff Illusions

I’ve record really old and a little annoying visual bug of certain beam staff illsuions.
A small fire effect of those staves sometimes move from its place.
Related illusions are “Adept’s Beam Staff” and “Infused Immolator of Itza”. I thought that “Dreiberg’s Disintegrator” of similar staff type was gonna have it as well, but it didn’t (still might be worth checking).
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play with Sienna who uses these illusions and observe her.
  2. Alternatively you can equip them yourself and inspect hero twice. Fire effect will appear after second inspection.

Here’s screenshot:

And three videos:

  1. In game footage.
  2. Adept’s Beam Staff.
  3. Infused Immolator of Itza.

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