Miracle of Grimnir Spawns Double Monsters Sometimes

It seems that Miracle of Grimnir can spawn double monsters on some uncertain conditions. I’ve witnessed it several times with various monsters.
It started happening after patch 4.4.2. Is it a bug? If it is, then my guess that it’s caused by presence of grudge marked chests on a map. Maybe.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play Chaos Wastes.
  2. Buy Miracle of Grimnir.
  3. Start a map with grudge marked monster after that.
  4. Wait for a monster to show up. It doesn’t have to be summoned from a chest.

Sadly, I didn’t record the video, but here are some screenshots.
Miracle of Grimnit is active, and there are two rat ogres:

One of the ogres has quest mark on it:

In addition, here are console logs, if it can help:
console-2021-11-04-15.38.35-2aa0922e-7ed6-4795-8093-8f34c17145c0.zip (692.3 KB)

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