Merry Slaaneshmas and Sanguila, the Chaos Gods are feeling generous this time

As one of their loyal servant they asked me to please show you their first set of Gift

To their most expressive follower they are giving customs Banners

(Banner may have different effect depending on whose Banner it is)

To the pious Adept, they will receive the Gift of Mutation, and to the most lucky of them even the possibility of Spawndom

Prepared Gift of the Generous Ones: Fantasy/40k:

  • Weapons, armours and artefacts of each of the Chaos Gods

  • Friendly Demon associate

  • Mutation to look even more dashing for your next Excursion

And Many more (may or may not be at the cost of your sanity, will cost your soul though)

So Have fun, work hard and Be Naughty, because loyalist won’t be friendly

It’s Great Horned Rat Day Instead :skaven: :skaven: :skaven: :skaven: :skaven: :skaven: :skaven: :skaven: :skaven:

This Post is not condoned by any member of FS or Associated

By a Heretical Cactus


Saltzpyre wants to know your location

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At least they are generous

Not like Sigmar, Southlander

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