Matchmaking is not working as intended!(?)

I am really not sure if this is a bug but it feels like one so I decided to report it.

I play most of the time with a friend and so we queue in as a team of two into the matchmaking. And here begins what I think is a bug. We are getting approximately 90% of the matches random teammates with the same class as ourself. We recently played 5 hours veteran and psyker and we got nearly every match another veteran and psyker or we had 3 veteran or psyker. Now you can think maybe noone is playing Ogryn or Zealot, but in the moment we change our classes, we just get other Ogryns and Zealots. We observed this behavior of the matchmaking since the launch of the game. In the Beta we had much more mixed teams.

It is very annoying and fustrating because I think well mixed teams makes the matches more enjoyable because you don’t lack a tank or damage dealer etc.

Like I said, I do not know, if this is a bug. If yes, please fix it. If not please take this as a request to change the matchmaking, so it tries to form well mixed teams with each class.

Thanks for your attention and keep up the good work!