Many of Kerillian's Primary Weapons inherit the Briar Javelin's attack sound when you equip it

The Briar Javelin’s light and Heavy attack sounds (the whipping noise when you stab with it) can be heard on all of Kerillian’s primary weapons, excluding the Dual Swords, Dual Daggers, and Sword and Dagger. The sound is applied after using the light and heavy stab attacks on the Briar Javelin.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Pick a Kerillian career
  2. Equip the Briar Javelin and any primary other than Dual Swords, Dual Daggers, and Sword and Dagger.
  3. Light/Heavy Stab with the Briar Javelin.
  4. Light/Heavy attack with your primary weapon, the sounds are now applied to the primary weapon.

I have only tested this in the keep.

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