Malleus Monstronum Penance

I was wondering if this was adjusted/created after the Brain-Burst adjustment?

I’ve read that previously, Brain-Burst was nerfed significantly at some point (it now generates more peril, I’m not sure if it charges slower or deals less damage).

If online sources of enemy stats are correct, monstrosities have 24000 health, so a psyker would need to deal 21600 damage of health with Brain Burst alone.

I tested Brain Burst in the Psykhanium using:
- Inner Tranquility (6% peril reduction per warp charge)
- Warp Battery (6 warp charge limit)
- Kintetic Barrage (10s of increased BB and 50% less peril)

Set to Damnation difficulty, I focused on getting maximum warp charges, then not killing enemies (as with the penance, as a Psyker I would be dedicating all BB to the monstrosity, hoping my team mates are killing all hordes) I observed the following:
I can get about 15 Brain Bursts out in 1 minute, dealing an estimated 19,200 damage (assuming there’s no damage reduction for monstrosities). I would still need at least 2 more Brain Bursts to hit the 90% minimum BB damage threshold, and then be able to deal the final blow.

That means my teammates would have to both distract the monstrosity without damaging it, and also clear out the hordes that spawn, for at least an entire minute, likely at least 90s to allow the psyker to finish this Penance.

Is this the gameplay that you wanted? Or is this an incidental occurrence from adjusting the Brain Burst mechanics and not adjusting the penance accordingly?

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I don’t know if it’s damage reduction or just different base damage but BB only does 625 damage to Beasts of Nurgle.

However, this penance is down right easy with an ogryn with a shield and a daemonhost. If you find yourself in such a team comp on Heresy+ pipe up and ask them for the help. My group helped a random with it just the other day. The ogryn took a nap in the corner while the psyker BBed the thing to death and the other 2 of us just watched for specials. Ogryn was only about 20% corrupted by the time he finished. Real easy.

When I did it, I didn’t bother with maintaining charges or any of that crap. Just pop quell to 80% pop quell to 80% and repeat until done.


Ahhh, this is good to know. It’s hard finding a good random heresy team let alone one with an Slab-Shield Ogryn but I’ll definitely keep an eye out. Thanks for the tip!

Look me up in game as Cog, I am a slab shield Ogryn who will be happy to protect the spark head that needs this penance.

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Psyker with non force melee weapon (so anything except force sword, because of faster passive quelling) and Kinetic Deflection feat can also infinitely block daemonhost, allowing another psyker to focus on Brain Burst.

Done it several times myself on Heresy.

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Do it on heresy, find a team that’s ok with it. Have Ogryn aggro and tank a Daemon host. The host will never switch targets and only deal some corruption damage to the Ogryn. Other guys keep your back safe.