Penance: Malleous Monstronum

Issue Description:
Malleus Monstronum, penance not achieved even if all conditions were met.

Steps to Reproduce:
That try didn’t go cristalline i admit it.
Actually peril made me explode twice, but the damage dealt was literally over 95% with ONLY brain burst, used most times in synergy with the load time decreased by the active ability. The penance has been tried on a Deamonhost, the kill was achieved by a zealot dealing damage with a flamethrower, and the psyker that did the whole damage was actually “tied” awaiting rescue at the moment of the deamon’s death.

Build used:

  1. Heresy difficulty, play as a Psyker.
  2. Have an Ogryn take aggro just by dealing one weak hit on a Deamonhost.
  3. Have the Ogryn keep his shield ability for the whole time.
  4. Use Psykinetik Wrath (active ability).
  5. Spam Brain Burst, both by charging or target charge.
  6. Fall for max peril a couple of times.
  7. Get captured.
  8. Get a zealot kill it with flamethrower while he is almost dead.

Mission Name:
Chasm Logistratum - Raid

Microsoft Store

Player ID:
GamerTarg: TxkGaming

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
4:10am UTC+1 date 15/12/22

Reproduction Rate:
Happened once on those conditions

Console Log:
console-2022-12-15-00.30.31-b429bf37-1dba-4dd4-a172-1fe8fa033dce.log (1.0 MB)

Launcher log:
darktide_launcher.log (41.1 KB)

Don’t think that this is a bug, I believe the penance states that the psyker must get the killing blow.