Make the Blessing Library accessible from anywhere

or better still:

when we buy something with a blessing from any shop. Let us hover over it and it tells us if we already have it. That would be nice!

Otherwise being able to make my Blessing-Library pop up oon screen and looking through it manually WHILE i am shopping would do the trick.

Omnissiah be praised!


Game needs something. It’s a major PiTA trying to figure out what blessings you do or don’t have short of going all the way up to the final moment of cashing in an item to extract the blessing when it finally tells you whether you have it already or not.

Would also be good if it told you if you already had a higher tier of a given blessing.

Honestly, the implementation is kinda dumb having four tabs for the differnet tiers. Should just be one slot for each blessing that get’s over-written by higher tiers as you find them. Would be much easier to manage.


It really should be just one slot for each blessing! They should hire you :wink:

Less clutter and then we could just have an inventory tab saying “Blessings of the Omnissiah” or some such.

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They don’t need to hire me. If they just listened and implemented my/our suggestions that would be good enough for me!