Looking for legendary mates on Ps4

This might seem a bit … desperate. But I picked up V2 couple of months back. Got to level 30 and now running champion without any trouble with an all bot team. The bots are predictable but I do not really like to play solo all the time (can be good to level or explore areas for example).

When I played quickplay I had a hard time finding mates to play with since there aren’t any real chat options and I didn’t have a headset connected (the VC can be filled with nonsense when doing QP).

So I was wondering if this is the way to find more like minded people that play on Ps4 and want to team up (can do VC then of course :wink: ). I am fine playing any class or role really and want to start making my way to legendary content before Winds is coming to console. I am a semi casual player but would love to team up.

Anyway would be fun to see some of you in game!

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The Red Moon Inn (Discord)

i saw this at reddit

not sure it has ps4 part but i hope this will help you

Hey I’m looking for people to play with, too. Send me a FR psn: denyo619

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Feel free to add me, PSN: Exanimia. I’m usually in with one other person (usually xIPaNiK) and we do all kinds of things from QP to Twitch to Deeds. I’m really up for anything. Feel free to join the lobby if you see me on! :slight_smile:

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You can add me too: Dryen07 it is. I main slayer ofc and I play mostly almost only with my brother (merc main). Would be nice to play with you :slight_smile: . We mainly play champion and also looking to get onto legend.

add me if u still in to achieve all trophies.psn:hackjak

My advice : go grab a headset

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