Loading screen stuck on PS4

Hello , my Game consistently freezes during the loading screen from the main menu to the keep. the icon on the bottom right stops spinning and nothing happens , waited for 10+ minutes and it doesnt load. tried restarting application , router , and console. ports should be forwarded , reinstalling does nothing either. the few times i did manage to load in and play , it just froze me while loading a mission. my friends get a “lost connection to host message” and im stuck on the loading screen again. so im forced to close my application and the circle of failure begins again. i’d really appreciate it if someone could help me out here , because i’d hate to have wasted my money on a game that isnt playable 90% of the time im on it.

Sorry to hear this. We are patching on the PS4 this week; please let me know if the issue persists afterwards.

will do , thanks for the reply. out of curiousity , do you have reason to believe that the issues being patched at the moment , have anything to do with the issue im experiencing? have other users reported the same thing?

I downloaded Update 1.19 , and my first attempt to load into the keep resulted in a frozen loading screen. further attempts , had the same result.

That is unfortunate :frowning: For a brief period, are you able to hook your console up to a mobile data connection purely to see if the issue perists? This can help in isolating the issue, but I appreciate it isn’t always an option.

sadly that’s not an option for me , anything else I could try?

Update 1.20 , still the same issue. I’d appreciate some help here , i bought this game a week ago and barely got to play it because it wont load me into the keep 9 out of 10 times.

Hm, okay, I’ve had another look at your account in our backend and can’t spot anything unusual. I do wonder if your ISP is blocking your connection to our servers. Are you able to contact them? If so, please reference our server address when speaking to them: https://60F3.playfabapi.com

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