Load times on windows are almost 3 times that of linux

ive did some simple experiment that confirms that on amd drivers game pauses on windows (blocks rendering thread) when model are uploaded to gpu, one by one

how to reproducte:

  1. go into the mournigstar
  2. go into player cosmetics
  3. chose upper or lower body (any other section with a few of bigger 3d models is needed)
  4. you will see on the left side of the screen that list of available cosmetics will have loading animation (spinning circle)

at this point, there is 0.1s stuttering of your character when models of cosmetics load one by one.

once all models load stuttering of character stops

you can go back to cosmetics screen and go inside the upper and lower body section again to observe the on load stuttering.

i believe the same happens when loading the game, just the bigger models are loaded, hence stuttering is more visible and hence it takes longer to load game

@ppsoy could you please check if on linux this does not happen?

i can maybe clip it and send both video and logs. Almost no stutter compared to windows , like literally 0. All models are loaded on character select , takes about 1-3 secs tops then smooth sailing.

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@FatsharkJulia would it be possible to get update on this? this issue is visible everywhere in UI and on every map load.

every time when new models are loaded it shtutters, for example that happens when maps load (1…2s stutter) and enterring mission lobby.

each time new person joins or gets ready (model animation changes, hence needs to get loaded) game freezes for 1s. if you get 3 people get ready inediayely game freezes for 3s.

there is no crash or any issue other than the stutter, it looks very annoying

i think it only affects amd gpus (6000 series for sure, msybe others too)


@FatsharkJulia could you please update us on this? are you able to reproduce this behaviour on your end?

I’ll re-raise this with development on Monday!

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Bit of an update , im experiencing similar issues on warframe , where assets take a bit more time to load ,but that can be done due to it loading shaders after a while of not booting up windows so i will test a number of reboots. ( false alarm it was the shaders that were not cached).
Perhaps darktide is redoing the shaders on windows and not keeping them stored?

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@FatsharkJulia any update on this?

Would like some updates on this as well! If people with amd cards haven’t swapped to nvidia or Linux after the game launched then they might not even realise something’s off, but apparently there is.

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Seems this is similar to the CS:GO map loading times being long, anyhoo I hope you guys reported this to AMD as well. Perhaps we can get some attention to this on both sides.

actually i did not report this to amd, but indeed it might be a way, maybe they can debug this (maybe there is some already existing overlay showing shader, or other render/compile times…)

still any comment from FS on this would be great help

With CS:GO there seems to be a fix/workaround of enabling Instant Replay or something in radeon settings, but it didn’t help in my case. Could try that for good measure as well.

Also if the Instant Replay thing doesn’t help could be useful to use the recording as a visual reference when filing the report. Upload it somewhere and just add the link in the bug report. I also threw in my latest console.logs for good measure, maybe that’ll give some insight.

@FatsharkJulia any updates on this?


@FatsharkJulia @FatsharkLev is there any update on this? on amd on windows we have stutter because of this

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I am not sure if this is allowed to be said here, but I will try anyways

There is a mod on Nexusmods (I will not link it because idk if its against ToS) which pre-caches the Mourningstar so it loads faster, this could be worth a try for you guys.

I personally run a Nvidia card and also had random stutters during gameplay but I managed to get rid of them by unchecking CFG (control flow guard) in the windows settings for Darktide.

you can access this by searching for “Exploit Protection” in windows

I am NOT sure if this is a fix for the long loading times, but it helped me and all my Lads with the stuttering while playing a mission.

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caching models will not fix the ui jerkiness, or team briefing screen, but indeed will fix load times.

i would expect fatshark to propose a fix, not have a mod to fix problem that should have never existed if amd cards were correctly supported.

this issue does not exist on nvidia cards, where models get loaded in the background without blocking whole screen render for 0.1 second each time new model gets loaded.

regarding the indirect calls mitigation (spectre mitigation i presume), it actually should reduce stutter a lot. very good idea.

this should be visible especially on older cpus which have been severe penalized by this mitigation. it wont resolve the single thread loading problem on amd cards, but should make ingame frame times way better.

i will try it and spread the word :wink: again… why this kind of information is not coming from fatshark?

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I have no idea why the communication between Fatshark and the community is so bad, I am pretty sure that the staff and CMs would love to give us info and all that, pretty sure the dev side is the cryptic part about all this…

I had severe crashing problems for months where the game would crash up to 4 times per mission, I had to resolve these crashes myself because the devs couldn’t find a fix (maybe they have by now I am not sure).
The crash fix “only” cost me a brand new PC and a few tweaks here and there in windows and the game.

All I wanted to say is that the NO communication part is the worst thing they are doing…

I am not sure if I understand what you are saying correctly by “single thread loading on amd cards”
but if it means the game only uses thread 1 of core 0 (if that is what you mean), it should be possible to fix it from the side of Fatshark.
Could also try unchecking the core in the affinity section in the Taskmanager to see if that helps.
if that makes no sense at all i’m sorry for babbling and wasting your time.

Or if your mainboard supports it and if you haven’t already tried it, you could give Smart access memory a try?

its not related to affinity, all cores are accessible by game. just game blocks rendering thread when models are loaded. hence you get something like screen slideshow during that period… when playing in mission cpu and gpu are vey busy, and fps are fine.

msg from 27 march in this thread has steps how to preproduce on amd and windows. it does not happen on nvidia nor on amd&linux…

thanks for rbar tip, i did not check resizable bar effect on game. will check for sure. maybe thats the hidden sauce that makes linux work better :wink: (other would be using dx12 on linux vs 12.1 on windows)

all in all its easier to make ps3 games work well on pc than this game…

rbar was on already, there goes this theory

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Our Engine Developers are aware of this issue, I apologise I don’t have anything to share outside of that.