Level 20 Traits are boring, give temp health on kill to all heroes at 20 and give us custom traits

Just as the title says the fact the level 20 traits are shared across all classes is boring. But at the same time I understand they are necessary for higher difficulties. I believe that we should replace the level 20 traits with custom ones for each class, and add the temp health on kill as a baseline passive gained by hitting level 20.

If that’s deemed to be too much power creep then alternative ideas are also fine. It’s just not great to have all unique talents for each class except at level 20. Feels like a missed opportunity.


I agree.

But the talents arent all unique for each class, most of them seem to be identical across all classes except a few specific ones.


I don’t like them, they’re dull and the on kill one is just op even compared to the other two. I can’t agree with automatically getting the gross on kill talent as a passive at 20 since that just seems odd, and i don’t want it forced on me. They could just move these talents over to necklaces as traits since those are also health related, but eh, idk.

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I find in general the level 15 and 20 Talents are fairly boring, and don’t really spice things up as nice as the Level 5 Talents do.

Good suggestion. Reduce the temporary health on kill by half or so to make up for the new talents at lvl20. Health on kill is too strong anyway.

I agree they should have a greater variety and at least be different for every career.

I agree, having unique 20 talents sounds like a great idea, with characters gaining passive hp per kill at lv 20. I love that classes have unique talent options!

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Well TBH, the talents are quite boring overall.

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Yeah i’d like to see more unique talents across the board.
And you know what, just remove temp health from talents and tweak difficulty accordingly.
Well that’s what i’d like to see, but right now with skating stacking enemies that can turn 180 in less than half a second mid-heavy attack, temp health is here to stay, so maybe just bind it to 15(20 is too much imo) and give us some interesting talents, that would alter passives, ot basic features.
Something like:
Slayer’s passive now increases attack speed and cleave instead of damage
BH’s passive now applies bleeding along with guaranteed crit, cd is reduced by 3 seconds, can no longer reset with melee kills.
Unchained’ can no longer die from overcharge, but generate 50% more heat. Damage taken that cannot be converted to heat just goes to your actual heath.
And etc… Having a few of those for each career to choose from would be pretty interesting imo.
Also lvl 25 talent seem pretty dull for most careers, i’d like to see more variety than cd/more damage(or aoe)/more duration. Some things like shade Shadowhunter, BH ammo-altering stuff, Handmaiden invisibility(or damage one, maybe?) etc, that changes the way you use your skill, or gives you another way to use it.

For Ironbreaker, maybe lv 25 talent, replace the range of taunt talent w/ a talent that when passive gromril armor is triggered and broken, knocks back all enemies (or if thats too op, the enemy that hit you).

But agreed, overall, more unique talents would be awesome. Also i love my temp health D: I use it to vent my overheat on my drake pistols :stuck_out_tongue:

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Beside the weapons switch and attacks delay bug, that’s the 2nd thing bugging me big time.

Why go with so many talents within a specified sub-class when the are almost all the same ? And on top of that, the overall character customization “traits and propertires” is a straight nerf from VT1.
Through talent trees, you are forced to pick some, while you have MUCH LESS trait choice on weapons and trinkets.

I’m desperate to retreive the wide choice we had in V1.
In VT1, you had to choose a character with specific weapons, period.
Now, you choose a character, you have specific weapons, special hability, and talent tree.

So, instead of gaining in variety, we are restricted more than ever. Damn I hate that.
Replace the talent traits 10 and 20 by some “additional trait on weapons” for each instead. And of course, add more traits. Tanky traits, ranged traits, health traits, haste traits, cleave traits, “through armor” traits, and so on.

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