Let us upgrade to max lvl with one click in the Athanor

I just started the weaves again today, and i have to say that qp weaves are starting to really make fun. And i didn’t realize you get a chest, which is quite something to convince people to join back in. Although a low one (no tomes and grimes but dice and qp bonus), nevertheless a chest for less time investment then regular adventure maps. It is equivalent to the difficulty you play qp on.

But there is one thing that’s bugging me quite a bit, and that is upgrading the weapons. I have over 200k essence through regular adventure maps, and am getting a lot through the weave qp (5k each if won), but trying out other weapons on the fly is just not possible if you got them not upgraded to max. And that takes some time, as there is always a request to the server everytime you click that ‘Ugrade’ button.
You can do that while not in a group, but only upgrading all the elf weapons took me a couple of minutes. I know, people might say that regular forging is even more tedious, way more tedious, and i agree. But the Athanor is supposed to be the evolution to that system, and besides having loadouts or multiple versions of the same weapon this is the last gripe i have with it.
It could be almost perfect, and very newcomer friendly. I for once wouldn’t want every new player doing the same grind i did, Playing for 1k hours or more to have enough veteran items and red dust to get every weapon in peak condition. When that system gets eventually translated to the base game mode, i want it to be the best version it can be, and an upgraded athanor on top.

So, to make my request that is basically the title:
Please implement an extra button (wherever you want to place it) that enables the player, if enough essence is available, to max upgrade a weapon.
You could do it like this: Upgrade the weapon with the max amount of essence the player has, if it hits max, good, else it will jump to the highest upgrade level possible.

Example: if you got the weapon forged for 1k essence and have 9.5k essence in your athanor, you could upgrade the weapon to lvl 20. For another 12.25k you then could upgrade it to lvl 30, the maximum. I hope my math was right there, but you get the idea.

Thanks for reading!


Agree, that would make upgrading a bit more convenient. While I mostly use the same set-ups, it would still be nice to spend fast at least a part of those 2 million Athanor points. So that if needs arise I can switch quickly in the future during a session.

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I would be a great stuff. I have more than 2.700.000 essence, i could upgrade eveything in a minute. It’s a shame that weaves bore me.

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