End goal of athanor crafting system idea

Never posted on a forum before so apologies if I inadvertently do something wrong.
I was musing about the pointlessness of the athanor crafting grind and thought thematically as Oleyssa is ‘letting you keep some of the harvested weave energy’, perhaps it could be used to imbue a weapon with the essence of one of the winds of magic.
This could take the form of an extra trait that unlocks once the weapon, amulet etc are all fully upgraded. The weapon would be available to use in all game modes. It would give something to work towards. The traits could be things like; Celestial - timed blocks release an electric charge that throws man sized foes onto their behinds in a small aoe. Death - successful attacks on you inflict the same damage onto the enemy etc. With a bit of thought I’m sure some interesting traits could be added which don’t spoil the skill based nature of the game; nothing too outrageous just a little extra something.
I don’t know if a similar thread already exists, I couldn’t find one when I searched.
Does anyone else think this could work with extensive balancing?


Yeah, i think i might have sugested something similar, but the idea of a new tier of weapons with extra effects is great nonetheless, they could use weaves as a place to farm matterials to craft them (if you don’t own wom you get them randomly from the legend vaults)

Theres even a button for weapon special that is never used. this could change that.

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This is yet another thing that really needs to be looking.

Not true! It’s just reserved for Sigmar’s chosen servants :grin: (and filthy elgi it seems, but we do not speak of it)

The problem is making a new tier of weapons attached to a dlc is that it would generate a landfill of bitching (like any big change do) so if they add a new tier of weapons it would have to be to ALL players.

But i think that the idea of weapons having weave related extra effects is fantastic, they could add advantages as well as consequences not to make it too op.

Like for example if you choose to infuse a sword with Jade wind, it could cause (after enough kills/use) the player to receive extra temporary hp BUT have the consequence of (during its activation period) generating vines on the corpses of enemy you kill with it.

Or Aqshy infused weapons for example could charge up heat on use and then cause extra damage (as fire) for a short period of time however any damage you receive during its activation also burns (like if you were in aqshy weave)

Theres a lot of potential for wind related small buffs that could improve the gameplay experience, like a second ult, from your melee weapon or ranged weapon.

I love the idea but i hope they don’t make something like this. Reason is like already mentioned the rage at the forums, even if non dlc-users could find them in chests.
They would call out the possible bad drop chance as pay to win (even if it wouldn’t be pay to win since they could get the items without the dlc).
And other would feel forced to play the weaves only to get their weapons.
The next one would be salty because they grinded so long for reds which would be “useless” than
And the list goes on and on

Balancing is already difficult and with such weapons it would be even worse

So i would say may in some future when the balancing is mostly done and the dlc is cheaper (so the pay to win crowd wouldn’t be so mad) than i would like it, but now i think it would make everything worse