Legacy kerillian skin on console?

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so i was wondering if i was able to get the legacy waystalker skin for vermintide 2 on console if i bought vermintide 1. i’ve spent a while looking for an answer to this question but it seems no one has given one, at least that i could find. i already have vermintide 2 on ps4 but if i buy vermintide 1 as well with the same psn account, would i receive the legacy skin? probably going to buy v1 if i do get it because it’s on special right now for real cheap.

You will, as long as both VT1 and VT2 have been purchased digitally. For example: if you have the disc version of VT2 and proceed to purchase VT1 digitally, it will not work. :slight_smile:


You have no idea how fast i’m about to go home and buy vt1. Thanks a tonne.

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