Ledge mechanic at the end of The Pit is messed up

With a dash character like HM, Zealot, FK (or Shade) you can fall right through the floor at a specific point at the end section of The Pit as shown in the 2 videos below.
I think this is caused by the ledge grab mechanic being placed too high/aggressively.


These issues have been around since launch. It’s not just The Pit either.

Any dash career using their dash on a platform or edge will fall off of it or die instantly.

If you dash on the platforms on the left hand side of the Screaming Bell event, you will fall through the platform and instantly die.


Hmm, in that case I guess the cause has something to do with how dashes effectively glue your character to the ground?

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Who knows. Jumping before dashing can help you negate the glue effect for some distance.

Except some careers can no longer dash while jumping…

RIP Slayer

Funny thing if you jump when dash as kerillian/krub to jump over the chasm you’ll fall to your death.

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