Kruber sword&shield range inconsistency


So i was testing the sword and shield a bit when i suddenly realized that all 3 heavy attacks have pretty significantly different ranges.

For some reason or another the shield bash has a super long one, the sweeping strike is average-ish and the stab, the one you´d expect to have the most reach, has the shortest and is really rather dwarfish.

This i felt like leads to the weapon feeling oddly clunky and unintuitive to use, i mean why do i have be in hugging distance someone in order to stab them with a sword when i can can shieldbash them with the reach of a twohander? O_O

I think this could use a look-over!


It’s not only Sword and Shield: some other Krub’s weapons have less range than it could seem (seeing weapon’s length)… especially 1h Sword and 1H Mace. IMHO Fatshark could give a little bit of love to their range (S&S’ heavy 2-3 included, obviously).

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