KNOWN ISSUE: Issues With Items Purchased From Sire Melk’s

Good lord I just had 2 Tac Axes completely rob my Zealot. A T4 BM and T4 Shred were up on an Mk 2 and 4, I bought them both and I only got the BM. The Shred axe turned into Decimator, and it was the one with a good stat roll I just wanted to add BM too. 5500+ melkbux gone and I only have 100 left on Zealot, watch Bloodthirsty show up on a Chainaxe.

I’ll send another email, but it’s be really good if we could get at least some update on this considering the thread has been open since 8th March.

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I just got stuff with blessing Surge on void staff extracted blessing and put it on different staff and its not working ,i did try on few others no luck ,please fix it

Issue Description:

I bought Plasma rifle m35 magnacore mk III from Sire Melk’s Shop but I didn’t find the item in inventory

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Steps to Reproduce:
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  1. 16Level Specialist Harken
  2. Buy item from Sire Melk’s Shop (Plasma rifle m35 magnacore mk III)
  3. Item cannot be found in the inventory

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Player ID:
Steam ID: 1180328038

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
03/26/2023 0:20: PM EST

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