Khazukan Kazakit-ha respawns are bugged

Players/bots respawn at the end of the map near the portal, no matter where they die:

steps to reproduce
Sometimes this bug happens no matter where you die, but it happens often at the final event, if a player or bot dies at the event, instead of spawning at the final event respawn location they’ll spawn at the portal where you cannot reach them

In my opinion this bug happens often in Vermintide 2 so there needs to be a fail safe implemented. I recommend dynamic spawn points that are triggered when the player passes a check point on the map. Such as entering an event/passing through a one way drop/invisible wall. When triggered then any captured players spawn point will be moved to that checkpoints area, moving the captured players to said location if they already spawned. That way it’s possible to save people if they get sent to reachable locations such as the portal, or if you pass through a one way invisible wall/drop. Please implement this!

Map name:
Khazukan Kazakit-ha

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