Kerillian Dual Dagger push attack not registering as a hit/doing damage

The push attack for dual daggers on any of the three Kerillian careers does no damage nor registers a hit when I use it in game, or on the training dummy. Tested with a friend, his works fine, mine does not. No idea why. Have tested with varying talents/attack speeds. Can’t seem to find the reason behind this.

Could it be that you’re somehow cancelling the push attack with another block? Just spitballing here, but are you holding right click the whole time or releasing it after left click?

I can upload a video if you’d prefer, but no, I’m holding right click the entire time, then holding left click at the same time while the animation completes, waiting to see if it’s a delayed damage thing due to lag or something, but no, nothing happens during or after the animation.

Weirdly, it also gives the crit sound effect occasionally, but still, no hit or damage is registering. I’ll see if I can upload a video to show this more clearly.

Seems really unusual for it to work for your friend (and us) but not in your given example. Does it matter which set of Dual Daggers you’re using - same result?

Thanks for your reply - I’ve tested this with a set of 300 red dual daggers, a set of 295 no colour daggers and the base level 5 daggers. I’ve tried all three on each seperate career. I’ve also tried turning all my mods off to make sure there wasn’t some random glitch.

None of this has resulted in my daggers doing any damage or registering a hit on a push attack.

I have verified all my files using the steam client. I have not tried reinstalling the entire game again (and most likely, I wouldn’t bother if this was suggested, I’m lazy :p). The only thing I can’t test is trying this on another computer as I don’t have one.

edit - just to say, I routinely use sword and dagger, so I haven’t noticed this before. I don’t really have a timeframe for when this first appeared as I only got back into playing Shade recently. I haven’t noticed any issues like this with any other weapons for Kerillian on any of the careers when I’ve been playing.

I just made another Topic on a very similar issue but its not for daggers only. The hit registration in general seems broken at the moment. Applies to Swings , Pushes , Push Attacks and Projectiles …

I just tried it today in keep with Kerillians Sword and Dagger , some of the Swings on the Dummy just went right through. And in normal combat in a game it also happens with all sorts of weapons and projectiles.

EDIT: Is your problem occuring at a specific distance to the target ?

No. Mine is specifically just for daggers and the push attack. Yours sounds like a different issue.

6 days old - just wondering if there’s an update to this?

Is it the same with actual enemies? I’ve found that dummies and especially lanterns in the keep are weirdly hard to get a hit on, while actual enemies present no issues.

I’m a little stumped to be honest. What frame-rate do you get during tests? (sounds werid, but bear with me)

I have it capped to 30fps if that’s what you mean? My computer runs very poorly when its uncapped for some reason

Yes. That’s the main reason I’m posting it. I can’t use dual daggers on shade because I have no push attack damage and I find it really hard to play without that in my kit.

Well that was surprisingly (for me) insightful - turning FPS cap to ‘off’ gives me hit registration and damage numbers.

Is that intended in some odd way? I’m also really concerned that this might be causing me hit registration issues on other weapons without me realising.

It’s certainly interesting. So Vermintide 2 (last I was informed at least) does have some behaviours that have a… ‘relationship’ with frame rate, including hit registry and jump distance (horizontally in particular). You should be fine above unless the frame rate really tanking. Is your 30 fps stable?

30 fps works fine. I limited it down because I tend to get stuttering if I run at higher fps (potato laptop :p) - I’ll try it at 60 and see if it goes okay.

So… How many fps do we need for weapons to hit properly? :grin:

I have this same issue with her and with other weapons, the ones that it happens the most with are flails, both Sienna and Saltzpyre tend to have “ghost hits” where the weapon goes right through a group of enemies (and sometimes solid objects that usually stop the swing) causing no damage or knock back. I’ve probably got footage of this already in my other videos but I’ll edit down some clips of it happening after work and I’ll edit this post or reply to post a link.

Edit: For reference this is my PC: PCPP Link
So I don’t think it’s a FPS issue, I never dip below 144 FPS with the “Optimized Settings” from Nvidia Geforce Experience and G-Sync on. Also, I have the frames capped right above that (at 165), I have overdrive disabled on my monitor because I can’t see a difference at 165 FPS vs. 144 FPS. I have my keyboard setup (Using iCue) to change the colors of my number pad based on usage and temperature and it never goes above amber colored on anything which is 80% usage (GPU or CPU) and 70c/80c CPU/GPU respectively. When turning on my FPS display on my monitor it drops to 60 FPS during loading screens when I see them (sometimes it loads fast enough to skip them) which I’ve seen in other games and I assume that’s an issue with the game itself but once the level is up it caps at 144 FPS and doesn’t move at all. I’ve had the issue occur indoors with only a single enemy on screen which I assume would be the least taxing on the machine but who knows…

Got a good one this morning, recorded a section of it instead of editing as I have to head to work…this video is pretty short and shows off a good ghost hit but I was hoping to get a video of one where only a single enemy is on the screen, however, that’s nearly impossible when running on champion and above given the quantity of enemies. The ghost hit is around 44-50 seconds in:
Ghost Hit With Flaming Flail
It had no sound (As do most of them, it did play the starting sound but no impact or follow through sounds), no impact, and the animation clearly struck the enemies (as there were a bunch directly in front of me) but passed through them.

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