Kerilian's new premium skin set "Agent of Malekith" has smallpox

Kerilian’s new premium skin set “Agent of Malekith” has small glowing greenish dots all over when you inspect your character. (see screenshots). It reminds of an old bug where red weapons used to have glowing blue dots (the same color of their glowing parts). I have yet to come across a shade who has these cosmetics equiped so I don’t know if the bug occurs when you look at a shade with these cosmetics equiped.

Steps to reproduce
Pick Kerilian’s shade career as your hero.
Equip the Servant of Malekith cosmetic set.
Inspect your character.

NOTE: The facemask itself doesn’t seem to have dots but the hood does near his lining (depending on which hat you have equipped, you may not have the hood over your head)

NOTE 2: the glowing greensih dots are more noticeable in dark and/or badly lit locations.

How consistently the issue occurs for you
Every time. The visual bugs occurs even after disabling mods and verifying game files in steam.

Screenshots and/or video evidence

Thanks for your hard work guys !


Also, you can see Kerillian chin through the mask when she is talking, and some of her hair through the hood.


I really like the green specks ngl…

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