Karnak Twins - Bells of Pleasure and Pain

Karnak twins event is cool. Difficult, for sure, I’ve played it like a dozen times and still have yet to beat it on normal damnation. Not frustrated though, feels challenging yet fair. I’m excited to beat it
and overall love the event. I have one gripe though…

At first when event rolled out, PUG matchmaking groups worked fine. Everyone on the same page doing damnation runs to kill the twins. Had a few groups come close to victory, but not quite.

Only, now as time passes, matchmaking/PUG groups are breaking down. over 50% of the games I play, there’s someone who has already completed normal damnation and so they ring the bell for hard mode. This splits/disconnects players who don’t ring the bell, and its taking a long time for spots to fill.

Matchmaking damnation games are now a complete mess, and I feel like it’s only going to get worse. Some players are ringing bells, others aren’t, parties are getting split, and its taking longer and longer for bots to fill. Players are stepping their feet in, and if anything at all goes wrong at all, they’re just leaving because they don’t feel they’ll succeed at the final boos (hard mode or normal). Its making for a very frustrating matchmaking experience.

I applaud the creativity of a secret hard mode, but after a few days, can you simply add Hard Mode to the mission select menu? The division between hard mode and normal mode for damnation is beginning to ruin the play experience for matchmaking; I fear it will only get worse too if left unchecked.


I guess it could be resolved as with “redacted” penances.

Damnation Hard Mode penance in a squad only requirement
(highly doubt it’s even doable without it)

I did it with pub so it’s totally viable. The hardest part is literally just the bell gimmick.

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