Just had a poor experience that could be improved at several points

I’ve gotten used to entering empty lobbies when I select tier 4 missions so now I quickplay.
Still got an empty lobby and had a bad time with bots. Feedback as follows.

(A) Quickplay should not put you in an empty lobby, if you have to wait longer that’s okay. Players can select a mission if they don’t mind solo queuing. Imo quickplay should be all about finding a group.

(B) Lobby countdown timer shouldn’t start until someone is ready. I’ve given this feedback before. Still stands.

(C) I attempted the mission solo as Veteran anyway. I was completely shut down by the bots. They stick very close to the player and constantly strafe backwards and forwards in front of you.
This makes it extremely difficulty to shoot anything. Bots don’t need to be hugging the player at all times. It would be good if bots could use some variation of the pathfinding and cover awareness that enemies use.

Currently there is a radial menu for player communication. A different radial menu for Bot behaviors/instructions might also improve the experience.