Joined as one character, loaded into match as someone else

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  • Steps to reproduce the issue
    Join a game through the lobby browser and see who you end up as.

  • How consistently the issue occurs for you
    about 50% of the time when joining matches through the lobby browser.

Several times today I would be one character (say, Kerillian) and then join a game through the lobby browser. It would show Kerillian as available and the game would load… Then I would end up as someone else. Join as Shade and ended up as Battle Wizard, joined as Witch Hunter and ended up as Ranger Bardin… etc. Talking to people in the games they say it happened to them a few times too.

Doesn’t seem to happen in Quickplay, only the lobby browser.


Happened to me multiple times since Patch 2.0 was released.

EDIT: Found out that this issue has been acknowledged by Fatshark: Chacracter change after joinig

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It was a bug in VT1 too…

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It happens in Quickplay too. I’ve only ever got Ranger Veteran or Battlewizard when it happens, I suspect its picking the first career in whatever class is available.


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