Items that couldnt be looted because of sand and a void that didnt kill me, or give me option for revival

I realize that this may not be of much help, but i will try to provide whatever information i can.

First picture was from today, a friend and i were doing a mission, ive done so many that i couldnt honestly say what mission it was, so this might well be a waste of time but it was on my account, so maybe not. But in the corner of the area, there was a lootable container that noone could grab this crafting material from. We tried from mutliple angles, we tried crouching, we asked others if they could, seemed like noone could grab it so we left it.

Now the second picture as the ogryn. It was the standard mission type of the time, where you move through the level ( i think to put the ammo on the escape craft) but this was taken on the 21st of november so its possibly been fixed. But after moving around an elevator shaft that was broken, we dropped down, did a hack/fought hordes and moved onto open the door towards the next dropdown. But me, i tried to jump the rail and rush ahead like a stupid and i fell into the void but didnt die. I was walking around on blackness, in a very small square area below the walkway.

The last picture (236) shows where i jumped down.

Now im not used to reporting errors, i wasnt prepared for the amount of information that was wanted, im sorry for that. I am happy to discuss it tho via email or voicechat, i have not actively tried to replicate jumping off and falling into the void. The solution was to close the game and reconnect and i dont aim to sab my own playtime. I hope that these two things are of some help as i aim to help and not waste time of anyone. Normally i wouldnt report at all, hoping that by reporting it is of some use.

On a different note, i had this happen.