Is it possible to run the maps without enemies via a mod or something?

I’d like to disable all enemy spawns so that I can take some time and learn the book locations on all the DLC maps. Lorem Ipsum Is there a mod I can Temp Maildownload and use on the modded realm that will entirely disable enemies, so that I can slowly make my way through a level with the help of a guide to learn the book locations?

For sure! Just use Spawn Tweaks, and deactivate everything via the mod settings ingame. Don’t forget to download the dependency mods, which are VMF, Simple UI and Penlight Lua Libraries, sort them in that order in the launcher mod manager, with Spawn Tweaks at the bottom. Have fun!


Wait, i just revisited this and got a question. You were asking for modded realm, and this exist only in V2. Have you simply asked in the wrong Category (as this is V1) or are you really asking for V1?

You can snatch and hold the camera/eye symbol beneath your guide and drag it around to free look without altering the course you’re running towards.

Is it possible? Thanks for sharing this information!

Any solution on this???

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