Is August

Bathwater perhaps?


Don’t you bring those Nurgle-Cursed thoughts here, Witch-Hunter


Do you want plague buboes? Because that’s how you get plague buboes.


Just do it Julia. It’s always better to ask forgiveness than permission. :wink:

On a serious note, can’t you guys just do one of those Tshirt companies that youtubers are always plugging away merch from.

On a more serious note, when can I swing down to Stockholm and grab a shirt? I’ll be there this weekend for the pride parade. :wink:

Holy Sigmar


LMAO…good one.

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Yea dear Fatshark, you are my favorite company, and v2 is my favorite game, fans deserve answer :slight_smile: When we gonna enjoy Winds of magic

Let’s be reasonable, you don’t release a game during summer vacations. That means not for another week or so at least, and with Bögenhafen as a measurement stick it is reasonable to assume late August.

Also, inspecting the steam package gives us 31th of August. See and

Store Release Date August 31, 2019 (26 days from now)

Although I do not know if the last of August is specified by Fatshark, or implied by steamdb.

Anyhow, Fatshark can change the release date whenever they want to.


August 31th is probably a default number. The interesting part is the “stable_release” depot of the main game (as Winds of Magic is just acting as an “unlocker” here).
And it was updated 5 mn ago as of this post.

(note that doesn’t mean winds of magic will come right now, as it is updated pretty often for a week now)

how many winds of magic are there? I see they tweeted one more and if it is the last wind we migh assume we re closer to release.

But this doesn’t say anything really. It’s just a placeholder that gives them release window for this month.

8 in total, 2 left: Ghur and Shyish

edit: so just only one

According to this link, early means up to 10. So release this week, enjoy !

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And the winner is: third week of August. Damn I was close.

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I was partly right with the second week. Do I get any imaginary price? :smiley:

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Borrowing one from a certain comics company, you get a No-Prize!

Interesting to note that “third week” (which the launch technically is on) was the least voted-for/guessed option…

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Well, as you can play it tonight, it’s actually tonight :stuck_out_tongue:
I know it’s not “a released” state, but you will be able to play it tonight so… let’s say the anticipated release is right now.

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People were either too optimistic, or pessimistic, in their expectations of the release date, it would seem.

Why, this applies to many other aspects of life already.

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Update: You all know when it’s coming to PC now, but I can also share that we hope to have Winds of Magic released on consoles by the end of 2019.


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