Investigation Servo- Skull Scanning Mission Sucks

Can we all agree that this mission absolutely sucks? While getting mauled you have to scan the turd, dead soldiers, a dustbin and box. Then have to follow around a daft dragging slow servo-skull. Most of the time it’s one or two team members running around only because they know it from doing this mission a thousand times.

Please remove this mission Fat Shark, we won’t miss it, we don’t need it.

Not to be that guy, but I actually like them a lot. I feel like they’re a good break from the normal pace, and creates an interesting dynamic of scanner/protectors and force you to work as a unit.

The caveat to that, is that I play with friends. I can imagine with pubs that it would be very frustrating.


Those are actually the best missions. They rely completely on the player, have the most variety in itself and can be done in a few seconds if you work together.

Others missions let you stuck in place and waiting to fill a bar, some with the twist to break and to force the player out of cover. But the minimum timer to get it done will always be the same, the variety is a joke and it can be expanded into nowhere.

And those who´re mixed like the nurgle eyes or bring item X to slot Y are also way too static and also highly different in their difficulty-spikes just because of map-differences.

Not to mention the insane boring “boss-fights”, where you smash everything into a shield… or the great Enclavum map, where you sit in a corner for 5 minutes killing adds. Great map-visuals, worst “event” ever which starts with “kill things” and once the bar is loaded “kill more things please!”.

Hab Drayko is currently the best map in eyes and one reason is the scanning mission. The end-event might need more tweaks than repeating the same as you did in the mid-event, but that´s all.


No, best missions

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I disagree. Investigation is the only mission type where the progress speed is entirely under players’ control.

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Nah it’s one of the better missions. Player control over progress is good and more missions should have it.

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We can’t. Any mission that has Jesper the Servoskull in it has as much of soul as anything the Darktide can muster.


Hab Dryeko needs poxhound packs to spawn and a time limit during the scan events. Would makes things more interesting

Hab Dreyko is the best mission IMO.
Yeah, you have to work as a TEAM (whaaaat??? in a team game???) to accomplish a lot of things at once. THEN you have to fight on the run to get out.
I want 4 more missions just like it.
There are variations in the first area of the map, the last bit is the same but the targets vary.

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