Inventory managment

Today it happened again.

I unloaded my money ontop of the servitor and get some random junk in return. Atleast I tried to. Halfway through the ordeal, the “Aquire” button was grayed out.
My Inventory was full. Again.

So the next fifteen minutes I have to see through my inventory, identify what can get sold back for a tiny amount, and double check every time before pressing sell to not on accident delete something of value. (This is an unironically stressful process.)

It is a horrid experience. If FS intends us to buy ridiculous amounts of weapons to craft Blessings and to get a single proper one that is worth upgrading there needs to be a system that makes us able to not lose as much time and sweat from the cleanup process.
Inventory management is no fun.

The game is not helping one bit. The scroll through inventory is the absolute worst. We cant favorite anything. We cant sort weapons to the top. We cant sort by new items. We cant put certain Items on the “to be Hadroned” list. We cant mark a bunch of weapons and sell them in one button press.

Why dont we have a sell button next to the acquire one? 95% of what we get granted from the random weapon shop is worthless. Buy it. Identify if its worth entering the inventory. Press Sell. Would that put the thump into the wound? This is what this process looks like after all. You, FS, want us to buy weapons by the hundreds. Thats what the progression system we have to deal with plays like.

If I was able to, I would just let those weapons rot in my bags until the Emperor wakes up from the nightmare that is my inventory, but Iam not allowed to do that. Fatshark demands us to keep it orderly, without handing us the proper tools to do so.

tldr: The inventory management options are terrible and cant deal with the progression system Fatshark wants us to take part in.

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Your gonna be waiting maybe forever so try this.

your inventory can be full? i never sell anything and haven’t hit that cap and since money afaik only converts to items (and milk rerolls and cosmetics i don’t usually buy) you’d think i would hit it, wild. do you know the value of “full”?

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I already use those. The emperor knows how long it would take me to tidy up my inventory otherwise.

No. When it is full you cant buy stuff anymore. The “acquire” button gets grayed out. I wont sit there and count all the items. If FS did not pull the “we dont count cosmetics and frames anymore” card over from VT2, those would also count to the maximum and skew with the number anyway.