Inventory Full & Deeds

I’ve been having issues with being unable to open Spoils of War due to “Inventory Full” but there isn’t anything I want to delete as all my items are Veteran items and I want to keep them for other builds and careers etc. My question is are deeds considered part of your ‘Inventory Capacity’ and if so, is there a way I can either remove them or have them removed by a developer, as I don’t have the need or desire to complete every one of my 150+ deeds I’ve accumulated over the years just to open my Spoils of War.

To my recollection yes, deeds do count, in fact this issue has been raised here several times.

I do not believe there is currently a way to remove deeds other than completing them, and the last dev response we got on the issue was that they are working on a more permanent solution to this issue