Into the Nest - enemies getting stuck

Issue Summary:
Enemies of all kinds keep getting stuck where you have to flip the switch to get the next area. It’s right where a grim and tome is located. They seem to get/stay stuck when you’re in the area right above it in the narrow hallway right after the drop down. The horde horn will sound and if you stay up there, they will not come to you.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play Into the Nest
  2. Go to the area overlooking the switch to unlock gate
  3. Look down

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Constant (100%)

Additional Information:
This has been happening since launch. I’m honestly surprised no one has reported it yet. I guess most people like cheesing their games for easy loot.

[Attach Your Session Console Log]
console-2018-11-25-03.34.44-A30B1609-2AFE-4C4C-9FAE-C63D.log (1.2 MB)

[Attach a Screenshot and/or Video Evidence]
Assassin rat running in place:

Packmaster just standing around:

Horde just standing around after the horn had sounded:

All of the above screenshots were taken within the same game session. As long as you stay in that narrow hallway, enemies will get stuck down below.

NOTE: affects all enemies/specials EXCEPT gatling gunners. They may stay down there but they will still shoot at you! Learned that the hard way!

Well how do you expect the enemies that spawn down there to get to you? They can’t cross the water wheel.

There is a stairwell that leads up to where I was currently located. I had already flipped the switch and went back upstairs to get the grimoire.

The horde could have easily made their way up there but their pathing was broken.

huh, I see enemies stuck there frequently when passing through the first time so that’s what I assumed.

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