Interact icons floating in space

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Issue Description:
After returning to the Mourningstar from a mission, interact icons hover some distance away from the box/NPC/door they relate to. Interact occurs on box/npc/door normally, not by the icon. No errors were shown on screen.

Issue persisted in the next mission and after returning to the Mourningstar. Restarting the game resolved the issue.

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This happened to me too. Here’s my console log:
console-2022-11-27-00.00.23-e17af516-56b5-45b5-a903-27dd413ec6b9.log (372.0 KB)

Got the same thing too, first time in around 100 hours

console-2022-11-29-10.14.33-c68bc438-028e-444a-a14e-b5365e6e4f6b.log (1.1 MB)