Imperial Edition camo on certain weapons flickering

When viewed in first-person, the white skull patterning often flickers/disappears during movement, and sometimes while looking around (can only observe the right side during sliding outside of inspecting the weapon as far as I know, but the issue is still visible there too). When looking around, the pattern will sometimes flicker in and out, although will often return to visibility after a moment without turning the camera. I’ve observed this on the Mk I Autogun and the Mk XII Kantrael Lasgun, so I assume it applies to any weapon using this element of the camo (IE: not an issue on the Chainsword with this camo applied to it, as it doesn’t have the skull element on that weapon). Doesn’t seem to be an issue at all when holding X to inspect the weapon, strangely.

Reproduction seems to be pretty consistent, the skull patterning will usually disappear and reappear during movement. Will occur during missions, but is also present in the Psykhanium.

Steam, PC

Issue has been persistent since launch.

Constant Reproduction Rate

Supporting Evidence:
Full camo visible on Kantrael Lasgun Mk XII:

Camo skull half-gone during mouselook on lasgun:

Camo skull completely gone during movement on lasgun:

Camo skull still present during movement while inspecting lasgun:

Full camo visible on Infantry Autogun Mk I:

Camo skull gone during movement on autogun:

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