Ideas for the next season

I’d be cool if you have added clan extras (e.g. gas rats, assassins) in the next season. Also, you might add some additional, other chaos orders besides Nurgle’s non-humanoid species - hounds, huge siege rats.

Furthermore, you could make some adjustments for players who want to play with their lower-level friends (those without access to legend or cataclysm). For example, you may handle it with some kind of cursed weapons lowering the damage or health of the user but increasing the experience of the whole party.

I recently played with a friend who’s just coming back to the game after putting in around 100 hours early last year, and helping him level up his characters really made me wish for something similar to what you described, since just picking Blacksmith weapons wasn’t a very fun way to depower myself.

As for the next Season, we should be getting the Chaos Wastes expansion at the end of the year, so who knows what that might include.

Power is capped on lower level difficulties, I think max power level is 215 on recruit? So yeah they already have some sort of sytsem in for that. Thats why you can’t one shot bosses with your melee weapons.

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It doesn’t feel like that when it’s almost a one-shot boss. And all the elites and specials put on the arrow. And even if that is still not enough. Because you get used to fighting under pressure not to get hit, etc.

I agree lower difficulties should be harder for high level characters. I was just stating that there was already was a power cap. Ideally the lower difficulties should be more difficult, and there should be some sort of manual in the game where players can learn about weapon mechanics and the important of stats on weapons. So players who have the ingenuity can seek out how to be better in the game.

There used to be mods with descriptions of all opponents (on each difficulty level: hp stager strength, armor type and class) and all weapons (with descriptions of types of combos and bonuses) But they were banned. In my opinion, it should not be such a permanent obstacle. Rather, it should be in the form of mutators (single personal)

Sounds interesting, but I don’t know how it would transfer over into the actual game. We know that messing with stagger numbers and power level creates the same problem WOM had.

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