I wrote some new player guides and articles about Vermintide 2 for a news website

Hi everyone, I was tasked with writing some guides/articles for a news site called Gamers Decide on Vermintide 2. I tried to tailor these guides toward new/returning players. The guides are:

I opted to go for a general informational approach rather than a direct meta breakdown. For example, I put some of the easier classes as “best classes” instead of maybe the most “meta” ones because I thought they’d be better choices for new players to familiarize themselves with the game and with playing on a team. On top of my own few hundred hours’ worth of experience, I referenced a lot of community posts and tier lists to put together these guides and did my best to present valid info. If there’s anything I got wrong in these, please let me know, or just feel free to tell me what you think. Constructive feedback is always appreciated. :slight_smile:

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i would switch crowbill with sword. The common sword is way better in killing elites than the crowbill with pyromancer.

But overall good work!

I don’t think so. I use the crowbill on pyro with beam staff since I can delete hordes with the beam staff. I’ve used crowbill quite a bit. Even though the sword will crit through armor half the time on high overcharge, it’s still lower base damage and lower stagger. With lots of crits the crowbill will often stagger a chaos warrior or one shot black rats.

One-shotting blackrats with common sword is no issue with the 3rd light attack. And also the damage of third light attack is why higher than any attack of the crowbill. you can even deal with chaos warrior pretty easy if you know how to hit the 3rd light.

with 40critpower and critical headshot the crowbill hits maximum of 61 on armoured dummy, the 3rd light of common sword hits with 80 ( both with hunter buff of boltstaff).

These 2 do not appear to have the correct links, the first leads to the page about getting reds and the second leads to what the first one should be if i am not not mistaken.

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Even still, the sword will be more difficult to attack groups of black rats. Unless I’m using the bolt staff on pyro, I’ll go with the Crowbill over the 1h Sword most every time; if you’re soloing, I say take the sword because it’ll be too difficult to wipe out hordes on Cataclysm alone.

Crowbill light attacks are fast enough and strong enough to stagger black rats and provide decent crowd control when fighting black rat patrols and lots of maulers. The stagger on light attack 4 will stagger almost anything. I highly recommend you experiment a bit more with it before dismissing it. Crowbill is definitely faster for taking out armor, even if 1h Sword is the better all-rounder.

Take a look at this cataclsym beam staff build with crowbill by Royale w/ Cheese and give it a try: https://www.ranalds.gift/build/DFjJZJKZNtvIIKVo54OF/view
Before I saw his build, this is pretty much exactly what I was using except with some crit power on the Crowbill, Staff and Charm. The Crowbill is a lot of fun.

Many of your links leads to wrong articles

And with the context thesr are guides for New Players…

  1. I don’t recommend Handmaiden because she is way too survivable and invincible and her passives removes a lot of learning a new player needs when getting in. It’s similar to Ironbreaker who teaches bad habits to new players. Waystalkers is probably a better Kerilian class for new players

  2. Sienna’s mace is a TERRIBLE new player weapon because of its awkward attack animations that requires understanding of how attack comboes work. For a new player just getting in, the swords and flail are the best