I really need a new game - can we get a Darkitde Update please

I tried Lost Ark, but its not for me. Tried DOTA 2 and some others. Not for me. I really need a game to play each evening, with things to unlock and mechanics to learn. Please can you let us know how soon to expect Darkitide.

things to unlock and mechanics to lern…try elden ring (xD)

honestly, we are all hoping to hear something for months now but knowing fatshark we wll just have a sudden drop of a newsbomb with a release 2-4 weeks later without any discernable pattern

welcome to the fs experience, we are all suffering together :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Anniversary for Verm 2 - still love the game and really liked the latest DLC, kinda reinvigorated my love for Verm… But I’m still hoping for Darktide soon please. Any updates Fatshark?

Yes, need Darktide soon. I am not going back to Vermintide, already have everything and seen everything. My national gaming magazine says Spring 2022, so i hope its coming soon.

On a more general note, i am overall dissapointed with the games that release. Lost Ark was a hope, but it didnt give me what i expect from an ARPG and it didnt give me a proper role as healer to play in an MMO. New World isnt even worth mentioning. Pokemon: Arceus was a step in the right direction, but lacked the standard content of other Pokemon games. CK3 is basically a simpler version of EU4 and God of War was worth like two playthroughs.

Waiting is the name of the game right now.

Chaos Wastes really renewed my love of Verm. Needed something new. Now knowing we have about 6 months to wait for Darktide I’ve still got lots of Verm to do having moved over from Xbox about 18 months ago. If you need something until September I strongly recommend VR. Quest 2 connected to a gaming PC is quite the combination.

Just waiting for 4th Sienna now Fatshark - this weekend would be perfect thank you. Its bloody snowing this week in UK. Heat wave a couple weeks away apparently.

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