I can't seem to perchase any of the premium skins :(

Hello, just a South Korean player here, I’ve been really enjoying the new mode and wanted to support Fatshark by purchasing the beautiful bounty hunter skin (Dashing Rouge).

But for whatever reasons, clicking the “ACQUIRE” button doesn’t seem to work. I’ve tried clicking on other skins just to make sure but nothing happens, no pop-up, no separate pages nothing whatsoever.

But everyone else seemed to buy it just fine. Is this a problem coming from my end or something else? I would love to know!

This has been problematic due to an issue on Steam’s end, but I’m hearing that it’s working now so please restart the Steam client and try again! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the fast response! Have a nice day :grinning:

Hi, I try two time to get the new Slatz skin but still no new skin in my invetory. What am I suppose to do ? Can I get refound for 1 debit, because on my steam pocket, they debit two time for the same skin

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