Huge frame drop occurs immediately after the explosion effects

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minimum FPS : 120
maximum FPS : 180

PC System

CPU : 14700k 5.5GHz
RAM : ddr5 16GB *2 7200MHz CL34

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Hello, I’ve been enjoying Warhammer 40K: Darktide since about six months ago. Ever since I started playing, I’ve been experiencing unexplained frame drops. These frame drops mainly occur when explosives go off, coinciding with the effects of Ogryn or Veteran’s grenades exploding.

My average frame rate is 180 FPS, but it suddenly drops to around 30 FPS whenever grenades explode. I’ve tried various solutions, both software and hardware, and even upgraded my hardware to almost high-end specs at significant cost, but the issue persists.

Interestingly, lowering the graphics settings to the lowest doesn’t change this. With the graphics at their lowest, the average frame rate can reach up to 480 FPS, but it still drops to around 35 FPS (slightly higher, admittedly) only when grenades explode.

The only slightly improved method was to push my RAM overclocking to the limit. By tuning the latency to 60, I could defend the lowest 0.1% of frames to at least 40 FPS.

Despite my numerous efforts to solve this problem, the results are too minor compared to the effort, which is quite disheartening.

Is there any way to lower the grenade-related (dust effects) options in the game settings, or to prevent this severe frame drop from happening?

Thank you for your continued efforts to improve the game.

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Yes, and I’ve tried disabling them

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Constant (100%)

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what are your worker threads set to? i have the same cpu and dont have this issue (tho my gpu isnt anywhere close but i get like ~72 and my fps doesnt change when the nades go off). low worker thread count on a cpu with 28 threads is essentially limiting the game to run only on part of it.

Hyper-threading and C-state options are turned off, and the work thread is set to 6.

This frame drop was the same, even when adjusting the threads from the minimum to the maximum in detail.

Upon searching the community to see if there are users in the same situation as me, I found that only a very small number of users have experienced the same frame drop issue. The cause, however, remains unknown.

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