HUD state indicator tweak

I ask for a minor QoL tweak that would help a lot
talents such as Helborg’s Tutelage or Smite (that give a guaranteed crit every 5 hits) should have separate icons for 1hit and 5 crit hit. Right now it’s the same no-number icon and it’s difficult to keep track of your incoming crit hits.
either add numbers to all the icons or make a separate icon for 5th hit that will crit


You’re right, that is annoying that they have the same icon.


This tweak is much needed for clarity (and making proper use of the talent).

It should show a number for all # of hits, from 1 to 5.

Also, 5 hit icon should be visually different from previous counts (brighter? different tint?), so as to give you indication that your crit is ready.

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