Hounds sometimes cannot be pushed off of someone

Issue Description:
I have noticed recently instances where a hound will stay pounced on someone until death rather than bouncing off after being attacked. In one instance I trauma staff right clicked a hound multiple times and it wouldn’t detach.

Steps to Reproduce:
I can reproduce this pretty consistently in the meat grinder with the vet but the timing is pretty tight. If I drop a grenade at my feet before the hound pounces and push extremely late but before I am downed, the hound will not be knocked off by the grenade. In the clip, you can’t really tell but I do push right before I am disabled.

That grenade should always knock the dog off, it can be even further away than that and still knock the dog off. I can only reproduce this issue when I push extremely late in the dog’s pounce. If I just stand there or just block, the grenade knocks the dog off every time.

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